1) So the number One Question we get asked is “How do we know you are going to show up”?
A: We are Professionals and take our job seriously, this is how we pay our bills, rent, and make a living, we need to make ends meet so we have to pick you up.

2) Is the Ride Private or with Other people?
A: All our Rides are private, we do not offer “shared” rides, Regardless how many people.

3) Is Gratuity/Tip Included?
A: No, we leave that up to you.

4) What is Customary/Normal Gratuity/Tip Amount?
A: 18-20% depending on your generosity.

5) What Time should I leave Home?
A: Domestic flight check-in time is 1 hour 30 minutes, International check-in time is 3 hours, add that to how long it takes to get to the airport, take Traffic into consideration, and you will get what time you should leave home.

6) What kind of cars/vehicles do you have?
A: All our Vehicle types are on our website.

7) Do you provide Car seats?
A: No we do not, But, you are most welcome to bring your Own.

8) If Our Flight is delayed at the airport, what happens?
A: It is advisable to notify the Office of the delay. No, charge for the first hour of waiting.

9) How to I get a hold of my driver at the airport?
A: The driver will Call/Text you when you land and proactively you can do the same, and from there you both will coordinate the pick-up location.

10) How much in advance notification do you require for a confirmed ride?
A: Minimum 24 hours based on availability.

12) How can I save more?
A: You can save further by paying in Cash. No tax added.

13) Do you offer Senior/Military discount?
A: Unfortunately we do not. Our prices are lowest as is. We donate a portion from your Fare to the Veterans.