A good transportation system will not just take a passenger from point A to point B. Rather, a top system will provide senior citizens with a similar feeling of control over the timing of and route to their final destination the way they would have felt in their own vehicles. In addition to providing independence, seniors should expect a transportation system to enable them to maintain their sense of security and dignity.

Non-driving seniors often rely on family members or neighbors for transportation, but these resources aren’t always available. Many community transportation systems, such as public and para-transit, are not considered senior friendly because many seniors can’t walk to a bus stop, can’t easily get into or out of a van.

Seniors need reliable, comfortable transportation with sensitive, responsible drivers who will wait for them at the doctor’s office, escort them when shopping and running errands, help them with their needs,  and most important, be where they’re supposed to be on time so the client is not left waiting.

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